Embracing challenges
& taming discomfort

Erika Allison public speaker


Embracing Challenges & Taming Discomfort

Erika Allison: Keynote Speaker

Acceptance-First Mindset

We need acceptance more than ever. 40% of all people feel isolated in the workplace. Learn the tools your company needs to increase communication, empathy, and team resilience.

Conflict Resolution

Discover simple and actionable techniques for stepping back from judgement and stepping into acceptance of multiple points of view.

Sustaining Your Business

Businesses are built by people together. Ensure the long-term success of your business by giving your teams the skills they need.

About Erika

Erika Allison helps organizations looking to improve innovation and productivity engage and empower their entire workforce.

Companies across the globe are struggling with interpersonal conflicts and a lack of fresh thinking that affect morale and performance. As an engineer, former teacher, author of an award-winning book on acceptance, and as a rejection survivor, Erika inspires audiences to embrace challenging people and situations with less stress and turmoil through an acceptance-first mindset.

Combining engineering logic with compassion and empathy, she gets audiences to open new avenues for creative solutions. If your company is working towards diversity, inclusion and belonging, to create an environment of respect and trust, you need Erika at your next event.

Client Testimonials

Working With Clients From A Wide Variety Of Industries

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Why Choose Erika?

Engaging Storyteller

Erika sets the tone with a blend of vulnerability and levity. She delivers memorable keynotes and workshops that reach audiences in the heart and the head. Your audience will leave smarter and inspired.

Multi-faceted Experience

From Fortune 100 companies to small local businesses to educational institutions to nonprofit organizations, Erika’s done it all. Pulling from her experiences across sectors, from urban to rural, from start-up to legacy, from adults to children, Erika works with leaders from all areas to build stronger, more engaged teams that produce real, tangible solutions.

High-Energy Speaker

Erika has spent her career presenting to groups, customers, clients, classrooms, and audiences, large and small. Her most common feedback, regardless of the group, is about her awesome energy. She keeps audiences engaged and drawn in with her captivating vibe. Erika was recently named to Queerency’s 100 Women List honoring LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, creators and leaders. She helps clients build high-energy teams that blow past their strategic goals with ease.

Diverse Perspective

As an out LGBTQ+ person, Erika knows the challenges and advantages of having a lifetime of experiences outside of the norm. She helps clients create cultures that empower all voices to feel welcome contributing, which leads to more fresh ideas, innovative thinking and creative solutions.

Savvy Flexibility

Erika is tech-savvy and media-literate. She knows how to keep an audience hooked with multimedia presentations and relevant infotainment. She understands that situations can change and she is flexible in adapting and adjusting to whatever is needed. She practices acceptance in action and keeps the mood calm and light-hearted regardless of the challenge presented or the change needed.

Award-Winning Author

Erika’s book Gay the Pray Away: Healing Your Life, Love, and Relationships from the Harms of LGBT Conversion Therapy, was a #1 New Release in Psychiatry and a #1 Best Seller in LGBT Studies on Amazon Kindle store. The book was a finalist for the National Indie Excellence Awards and won Silver in the Independent Publisher Book Awards. The book teaches acceptance on a personal level.

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